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move your

calm your

Hi, I'm Claire

......and I'm passionate about helping you take time out from your crazy busy life,

to reconnect back to your body and mind and be the healthiest version of you.

I first came to practice Yoga when I was nearing burnout with a stressful corporate career and two young children.  


10 years later, I can safely say Yoga has transformed my life. 


I feel stronger and more supple in my body.  I feel more aware and connected to my body and mind. I have learnt to slow down and live more in the moment.  I have a renewed sense of self compassion and gratitude and I am much better equipped to deal with the trials and tribulations of daily life. 


Now more than ever, with our lives pulling us in a million different directions, I strongly believe we are all in desperate need of this time out for ourselves, to move our bodies in a different way, to slow down and reconnect. 


That is why I'm hugely passionate about sharing this transformative practice with you. 

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Based in Beaconsfield, South Buckinghamshire, I am a Registered Yoga Teacher with a growing local community and I teach group and private Yoga classes. 


My group classes are friendly and supportive and are held in lovely spacious local halls in Beaconsfield. 


They are suitable for all levels and abilities and I offer modifications throughout the class to accommodate different levels. 

My passion is Vinyasa Flow Yoga which is a dynamic fluid movement, linking movement to breath. I create intelligently sequenced classes which focus on functional movement, helping you to move out of your habitual movement patterns and create a balance of strength and flexibility in your body. 

While encouraging you to challenge yourself physically, I also encourage you to use present moment awareness to reconnect back to your body and mind and bring a true sense of mental calm. 

I couldn't be happier when I see people come into the Yoga room stressed frazzled and leave relaxed and calm with big smiled on their faces. 

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My Ethos 

'Your Body, Your Practice'

I'm passionate about making this practice work for every body. 


We are all completely unique from our bone structure to the elasticity of our tissues so no one pose will ever look the same from one person to the next. 


As you flow through the postures, I encourage you to make the poses work for you; to adjust where you need to; back off when you need to; or use props to support you because this is your practice and your body and only you know what is going on inside. 

This is the practice of 'Pratyahara', drawing away from your external world and going inwards.  Really paying attention and tuning into to your body and your breath as you flow through the postures, so you are able to give your body what it needs from moment to moment. 

'Move Your Body'

My practice and my teaching continues to evolve and over the years I have practiced with a number of incredibly inspiring teachers; Jason Crandell, Tashi Dawa, Celeste Pereira to name a few. 


I am a forever student and I love learning, especially when it comes to anatomy and biomechanics. In fact, I am a self confessed anatomy geek!  

I have completed some enlightening training courses over the years and more recently I have completed Modules I and II of Jason Crandell's Advanced Teacher Training and his training on; 

'Mastering the Art of Yoga Sequencing' and

'Managing and Preventing Injuries in Yoga'

The more I learn and the more I teach, the more aware I am of how our Western way of life can be so damaging to our physical bodies.  I have therefore become a passionate advocate of using your Yoga practice to counteract the ill effects of your daily life.  Moving you out of your habitual movements patterns and moving your body in a way which is going to give you life long benefits.  




"Claire is a brilliant teacher who has made my introduction to yoga accessible, enjoyable and relaxing.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone and I look forward to continuing my yoga journey with her."


"I love Claire's classes. For me they're a perfect balance of calm mindfulness and challenging poses."

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